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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

Using eSaloni’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, the clients would be able to receive the benefit of a loyal and reliable partner who will develop an offshore business segment and handle it in a mutually agreed upon time to time basis. Moreover, the client could receive forward-thinking business help and cost-effective solutions for next enlargements.

eSaloni holds clarity and quality in all stages, and so, using this model, clients could win business aims as visualized by them.


eSaloni will be having a clear view of the client's specification to build the offshore development center. eSaloni is always open to offer a business plan, which will be featuring office space, training process, infrastructure, human resources, management set-up, quality process, accounting, tax, etc. Dealing advanced costs throughout various phases will also be offered in advance, for client's acceptance.


eSaloni will manage all the client's operations for a specific duration. Our main aim will be to accountably run the offshore development center as per the sanctioned business offer.


The client can grab complete ownership of the offshore development center, and also human resources.

eSaloni will play a role as a local partner, and will establish a comprehensive development center under the client’s control

Immediate start-up of offshore development center in a short span of time

The client will be accessing to competent resources


Less operational risk

Option of holding back the same process and human resources even post ownership is transferred
Fixed bid or Fixed Budget Service Contract Model

Our “Fixed budget service contract model” just adjusts with the client’s strategic aims to achieve optimal operational capabilities, attain operational efficiencies, cut down on operational costs, gain cost variability and rationalize their present operating environment. This model is ideal for the project with obtainable explained needs, schedules, and project path. By opting the “Fixed budget service contract model”, you will optimize eSaloni’s outsourcing software services and benefit of the optimal values for bucks, a clear visibility, a surety stage and intellectual property guard: Module based payment method supports progress supervising. Adjusting the payment based on practicable modules and evident progress on the project at every phase. This model lives up to the expectation of both customer's and developer's needs as the client stays mindful about each advanced step and the developer stays quite happily post finishing each stage of the project. A client can have complete authority of all intellectual property rights and software code.

Time & Material Model

Our Time & Material business model is especially ideal in circumstances where projects are complex, prolonged in duration and designed by unclear specifications, or needs extreme liberty of system design changes at middle project phases. Our Time & Material model is the optimal for scalable projects and offers the flexibility to handle the team size and entire efforts. We follow a quick development methodology to build projects based on a T&M model with severe project management and reporting practices. In this methodology, we plan a stage that comprises of particular tasks to be completed in conformity with the customers' priority and present it in a given timeline. The post windup of this stage, we plan another stage for another task in the priority list. Time & Material Business Model empower the client to improve the specifications based on the forthcoming market trends. It is an optimal for scalable projects and offers the flexibility to handle the team size and entire efforts. The mode lies in controlled project management and reporting practices where task papers are created on a daily / weekly basis for everybody working on the project. Therefore, the employee's part in the project is clearly assessed.

Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Program

With a passionate analyst team working on your projects inside our provisions, our Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staffing program offers customers with bettered efficiency and calculate cost savings over the standard fee for service model and provides more easier than orthodox FTE models.

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