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Cloud Offerings

eSaloni covers all the technologies filling the gap between ground and the Cloud and delivers tailor-made IT services to your specific needs that mitigating time, cost and effort of your current business productivity and increase efficiency. We are one of the fast moving forward companies in terms of Cloud based services delivering to our clients who optimize and leverage for the better results.

Our Cloud based offerings are as follows:

Cloud based software testing

eSaloni software testing services are also offered on Cloud, choosing this service you can leverage our unprecedented most effective test automation product WebBasedTest to address time, money and effort consuming testing process.

Cloud BI

Businesses who are seeking the true BI, and then who have come to the right place as we provide Cloud-based Business Intelligence solution CliqReport. Availing our Cloud based CliqReport solution a pure BI solution product can be quickly implemented and produce rapid results. CliqReport is the most simple, cost-effective way for the businesses to get all the key factors needed for BI. Access data integration and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) services, analytics, reports, scheduling and delivery – start using with pay-as-you-go basis.

IT Experts on Cloud

eSaloni has rich experienced IT experts and also maintains good relationship with industry specific professionals helping us to deliver solutions to our clients, customers, enthusiasts for their technology issue or query. With cloud based service delivery expert’s availability at our innovative platform WebBasedExpert, we can also provide cloud based on demand solutions and services on a pay as you basis.

On Demand Testing

On Demand Testing -

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On Demand Expert

On Demand Expert - WebBasedExpert

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On Demand BI Services

On Demand BI Services -

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